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Sample Feature
2016 How far has F1 come in the past 20 years? In this special celebratory issue marking 20 years since the birth of F1 Racing, we felt it appropriate to gather some of the sport's great and good to discuss how far and in what ways Formula 1 has progressed

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The long interview

We catch up with the driver who inspired the launch of F1 Racing, and has been a part of it ever since - Damon Hill

You ask the questions

Daniel Ricciardo offers frank answers to your questions about the dynamic with his new Red Bull team-mate Max Verstappen, and that Monaco pitstop blunder

The Fernando Alonso museum

An access-all-areas tour from the man himself, tracing his career through a complete collection of karts, cars and memorabilia, in his home city of Oviedo in Spain

How F1 Racing began

Steve Cropley recalls the trials and tribulations of getting our first issue into print at the height of Hill-mania in 1996

The champion cars

We pick a star machine from each team to have won the constructors' title over the course of our 20-year history

Go figure

Hard to believe, but there were plenty of other goings-on in 1996 aside from our launch - now find out what they were

Corners: then and now

What were F1's toughest turns in 1996, what are they in 2016, and how do they compare? Peter Windsor investigates

History of Formula 1: part 8

Moving into the 1980s, the turbo era arrives and the sport's teams are at each other's throats once again...